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Published on 06.11.2013

Published on 09.09.2013

AKAD Language+Culture: AKAD Method revamped

Over the course of a three-year development period, the AKAD Method for learning foreign languages has been thoroughly revised and redesigned. The method is still based on structured self-study and engaging face-to-face tuition, but these elements have now been enhanced with completely new tools incorporating state-of-the-art technology.

AKAD Language+Culture

Published on 09.09.2013

AKAD Business mission statement

Putting a corporate mission statement into practice in day-to-day operations is a challenging task. AKAD Business employees have come up with a way of ensuring that their mission statement, which had already been jointly developed, can be implemented on a long-term, sustainable basis: seven teams from the company devised concepts for this, with the best ideas awarded prizes in a competition.

AKAD Business

Published on 09.09.2013

The Minerva Lernwelt

With the new school year getting underway, pupils in years 5 to 7 immersed themselves into a new world of learning, the Minerva Lernwelt. The Minerva Lernwelt concept provides a better basis for fostering the different gifts and capabilities of children and young people. The pupils get to know the various learning and working methods and, over the course of their schooling, they acquire the ability to develop lesson content independently or in groups and then present the results.

Minerva Schulen

Published on 09.09.2013

KS Business Forum

Some 200 students from advanced business schools and postgraduate courses at specialist colleges gathered at the Kongresshaus Zürich for the relaunched KS Business Forum. The event attracted a large number of guests, no doubt thanks to the programme, which featured some fascinating talks by expert speakers.

KS Kaderschulen

Published on 09.09.2013

HFBF at SERI’s May conference

Can focusing on ethics and sustainability help reinforce stability in the financial sector? How can specialist higher education institutions teach their students about these topics? The HFBF (Höhere Fachschule Banking und Finance – Advanced College of Banking and Finance) joined forces with the AZEK (Ausbildungszentrum für Experten der Kapitalanlage – the Swiss Training Centre for Investment Professionals) – to organise a workshop discussion for education specialists at the 2013 SERI (State Secretariat for Education, Innovation and Research) conference in May.

AKAD Bankiung+Finance

Published on 30.05.2013

‘Bildungslandschaft Schweiz’: The Learning Landscape in Switzerland – an Overview

The poster ‘The Learning Landscape in Switzerland – an Overview’ aims to give a clear and straightforward illustration of Switzerland’s education system, and to help those seeking to further their learning find their way through the maze of possibilities. The Bildungslandschaft is a collaboration of the S&B Institut, Compendio Bildungsmedien, Edubook and the Kalaidos Bildungsgruppe Schweiz. The collaboration is run under the auspices of HR Today and the Tages-Anzeiger. The poster can be ordered in A1 format from Compendio. On the order site you will also find a glossary to download.

The Learning Landscape in Switzerland at a Glance
Ordering options for ‘The Learning Landscape in Switzerland – an Overview’ poster

Published on 22.05.2013

Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences: Facts & Figures 2012

Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences is publishing a review of the past year along with information about the departments, its organisational chart and publications in Facts & Figures 2012.

Organisational Chart of Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences

Published on 24.02.2013

AKAD Business: Expert in Sustainable Management, NDS HF (postgraduate course)

The efforts by AKAD Business in making a contribution towards sustainable development through the postgraduate course Expert in Sustainable Management have been officially recognised by the Swiss UNESCO committee as an activity within the UN World Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. The World Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (; was set up by the United Nations to run from 2005 to 2014 with the aim of establishing the theme of sustainable development in all areas of education. Participants and projects which are particularly committed to matters of education for sustainable development can be recognised and honoured by the UNESCO commission.

AKAD Business: Expert in Sustainable Management, NDS HF (postgraduate course)

Published on 10.02.2013

Compendio: Enhanced E-Textbooks

Compendio is working on the principle that enhanced electronic books (Enhanced E-Textbooks – EEB), will take a large share of the teaching material market. What the relationship between EEB and print will look like in the future is uncertain. However, there are increasing signs that a certain number of customers will continue to prefer content presented in both forms. As a result, compendio is working on providing content in both forms in parallel in its main sales markets. This goes hand-in-hand with attractive offers for institutional (B2B) and private (B2C) customers. The first Compendio titles in EEB format are already available at


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