Bildung bewegt.

Kalaidos moves people (helps people grow) by means of training and education, and is open to change which has resulted in its growth and development. This, in turn, has allowed Kalaidos to facilitate further development of the educational landscape.

Kalaidos is a merger of several learning institutions which were all founded and developed by educational pioneers. Each of these has its own individual history and traditions, dating back as far as the 18 century. Kalaidos is commited to its origins.

Kalaidos unites educational institutes covering compulsory education and Grammar school levels, vocational education and training as well as higher education levels.
As an education group we dispose of our own educational media house and a subsidiary specialised in education related logistical services.   

Kalaidos is run by the owner-managers on the principle of collective responsibility. Together they plan the educational establishment`s strategy for development and act as coaches and sparring partners in the various schools and institutions. 

Commited to the future
Kalaidos is an important educational establishment in Switzerland which compliments the state school system. Kalaidos has played and will continue to play an active role in the further development of the educational landscape.


Kalaidos Bildungsgruppe AG
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