Kalaidos Swiss Education Group

Kalaidos unites educational institutes of all levels and directions, from daycare centres to the university of applied sciences, from general education schools to specialised further education institutes. In addition, the group includes various companies that produce and distribute digital and analogue educational media. As a partner to people in all stages of life and to companies of all sizes and sectors, Kalaidos offers requirement-based, goal-oriented and efficient educational services.
About Education the kalaidos education group

Creating opportunities

The companies of the Kalaidos Swiss Education Group create opportunities. Their offers are intended to complement public educational institutions. Kalaidos educational institutions contribute to social mobility and make additional and special talents available to society.
Education policy - the kalaidos education group

Fair competition, diversity and efficiency

Fair competition between private and government providers guarantees a wide range of educational opportunities and good quality for fair prices. Thus, the needs of potential students, the business world and the society are met optimally.


Kalaidos Education Group
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