Education policy

Education Policy - the Kalaidois Education Group Switzerland

The companies within the Kalaidos Education Group support the education policy objectives of edu-suisse and adhere to the following basic values:

Fair competition, diversity and efficiency

Fair competition between private and government providers not only guarantees not only a wide range of educational opportunities, but also good quality and fair prices. Thus, the needs of students, the business world and society at large are met in an optimal way.

Separation of powers and subsidiarity

The separation of powers is also important in the educational sector: instruction, implementation, quality assurance and supervision should be separated. The state should formulate the framework conditions and promote quality assurance. The state should only intervene where educational objectives cannot be achieved without government support. The subsidiarity principle should also be applied here.

Effectiveness guaranteed by demand-oriented funding

The allocation of state funds to educational institutions can lead to the distortion of competition and preservation of structures. It is better to provide direct financial support to the people who want or are obliged to study further. Demand-oriented funding models (e.g. education accounts, education vouchers) enable students to choose the educational pathway that best serves their individual needs. Demand-oriented funding improves access to education and thus promotes equal opportunities.