Milestones 2021

  • Education is a dynamic field. It is therefore important to us that our companies continuously improve their products, services and processes. In this way, they adapt to the ever changing conditions and needs of customers. The following milestones are mentioned as representative of the many improvements accomplished in the past year.

  • The first cohort successfully completes the bachelor’s programme at Kalaidos Law School, the department of law at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences.

  • The newly founded ZLS Zurich Law School Institute for Law launches its studies at the master’s level. It is striving for accreditation as a university institute.

  • AKAD and Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences start a cooperation with combinable study programmes in the College of Higher Education and University of Applied Sciences.

  • Since August 2021, AKAD is a Swiss Olympic Partner School. The offer associated with their partnership enables young people to combine education with a sporting career.

  • Minerva is accredited in the cantons Aargau, Basel-Stadt, Lucerne and Zurich for the various types of second-chance vocational baccalaureate programmes.

  • WISS Schulen für Wirtschaft Informatik Immobilien launch their new offer in the College of Higher Education with four specialisations.

  • Edupartner introduces Distrinova to the market, the first digital publishing distribution in Switzerland.